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More About Our Services

Our are available in select areas of Delaware, we offer a variety of landscaping services, such as lawn maintenance, ice & snow management, shrub and tree installation and pruning, as well as mulching. Our trained, local crews are uniquely qualified to service your Delaware property.

With a steadfast focus on you and your goals, we're offer a small town personable approach to our landscape services. Our depth of experience makes us a seamless partner for the entire lifecycle of your landscape, whether residential or commercial.

We recently partnered with local suppliers and experts, to also bring in things like Hardscaping, Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting, Smart Audio Systems, Outdoor TV's and Wi-Fi for the ultimate back yard experience! 

Delwares Best Landscapers-Readers Choice 2020 - Reggerios Delaware

Landscape Design


Whether you are looking to design a new space from scratch, or just want to refresh or add-on to an existing area. From residential back yards, full blown commercial properties, and retails areas - our designers are ready to help maximize and optimize the layout for your space.




Sodding is a great method to have an “instant lawn”. We have many different types of sod as well. We can grade, amend soil, and choose the proper grass for your property. We deliver and install for residential and commercial customers as well.


Lawn Maintenance


The best way to get and keep a great looking lawn is simply regular maintenance. We service both small and large residential and commercial properties. Mowing and general maintenance on a regularly schedule that best suites you and your lawns needs.


Shrubs & Trees


Professional installation of Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Flowers, etc. From beautification to privacy, we can help you find the perfect blend of foliage to achieve the look and feel your want. Let us handle the dirty heavy work, and insure your trees are properly installed and positioned.


Hardscape Design


As part of our Landscape Design services mentioned above, we can also incorporate hardscaping. From residential back yards, full blown commercial properties, and retails areas - our designers are ready to help maximize and optimize the layout for your space.


Retaining Walls


Retaining walls can be a beautiful, functional addition to any landscape. They can offer a chance to use more outdoor space or add a dynamic feature to your garden. With so many retaining walls to choose from, the styles, colors and varieties are endless.


Patios & Walkways


Patios continue to grow in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why! Adding a patio with pavers is a cost-effective, virtually maintenance-free solution for sprucing up your backyard and adding aesthetics and functionality to your outdoor living space.


Planters & Fire Pits


Paver based planters are any easy way to add texture your space, and it can even double as extra seating for a patio or firepit area. Firepits are another great addition to add interest and value to any space. And with pavers, its all virtually maintenance free!


Fence Design


As part of our Landscape Design services mentioned above, we can also incorporate Fencing. From residential back yards, full blown commercial properties, and retails areas - our designers are ready to help maximize and optimize the fencing for your space.


Low Maintenance Vinyl


A fence primarily serves as a barrier, but take no shame in wanting an attractive barrier that complements the surrounding structures. While Vinyl fencing may have a higher cost, it offers a lot of advantages over wood, such as low maintenance, quicker installation, & curb appeal.


Privacy & Picket


There are lots of designs to choose from when picking a fence, but the two main categories are either privacy fences, which as the name entails helps keep the public out. And then there are variations of picket style fences, that have gaps between slats to allow a more open look.


Natural & Custom Wood


Wood fences are the old standby, natural wood fences are often less expensive overall and can be easily modified. You also have the option of exotic woods, and even some woods that are lower maintenance. If you want your barrier to more naturally blend-in, this is it.


Seasonal Cleanups

Care & Maintenance

As part of our full-service offering we include seasonal cleanups, keep your property looking great at all times. From general lawn clean-up like leaf and debris removal, we also do bed cleanouts, mulch refresh, pruning, hedge and tree trimming, ask us about adding this service.   


Lawn Aeration

Care & Maintenance

Lawn aeration is essential to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Your lawn needs to be aerated and over seeded on a regular basis, usually in the spring and fall. Ask us to add this service to your annual lawn care plan, give your lawn a boost!



Care & Maintenance

Mulch is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your landscape and make your flower beds pop. Mulch can make your home more attractive and improve the health of your soil and plants too. There are many different types and colors of mulch, let us help you choose.


Ice & Snow Managment

Care & Maintenance

Reduce risk at your properties by clearing snow and ice to prevent slip & falls. We can keep snow clear from parking lots, lanes, sidewalks. Pre and Post ice treatments also available. This service is only currently available to our commercial clients, contact us today for quote.

Wilmington Delaware Snow-Ice-Managment-Services.jpg

Smart Lighting


Landscape lighting is an affordable way to beautify your home and create additional living space without costly renovations. Add a low-voltage lighting system to enhance areas or make them safer, highlight architectural details or create curb appeal.


All-Weather Television


Bring all the luxury of your indoor TV room outside. Extend the use of your backyard oasis to cover movie night and game day. We work with the best brands in the outdoor AV world to bring you quality tv and audio to your outdoor space.


Premium Audio


We offer audio solutions from basic bluetooth, to full blown smart audio systems from the number one home audio company in the world, Sonos. Custom designed Sonos-based audio systems that incorporate speakers from companies like Klipsch, KEF, Episode, OSD & more!


Outdoor WiFi


Have all of the other tech options we offer, great! But what good is it if you can't control it? No problem, we can install business grade outdoor WiFi products that will properly bring your inside WiFi to your outdoor space. You will get rock solid connection wherever you need it.

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